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FashionMission: To help companies increase or relocate to extra optimum, business-nice, decrease-value locations. Now no less than what I used to be fortold of by my reptilian contact has a TITLE at ‘s now called Morgellan’s illness and has links to chem-path exposure… ah ha! Bioengineered RNA cell transcessionthrough direct lung tissue contact (breathing) wins out after all. We were right – Thanks, oh scaly one. I never doubt your vision or warnings.” She’s not solely real, however real correct! Those that administer the chem-trails are DETERMINED and if they cannot stop the Indigo children from being born, then they’re going to be certain that our DNA is faulty and flooded with the human number of prion illness” (Mad cow) or no matter they are creating. It appears Morgellen’s has become what AIDS was within the first year of discovery – solely this time it did not begin from tainted Hep B vacinations for the homosexual neighborhood in NYC.

Hey Texastar – appears to be like like you’ve gotten a beef with me. For those who do please take it to emails so the professional individuals right here can proceed with the subject of this tread. my electronic mail address is: [email protected] – electronic mail any beef you’ve got with me – will reply if I would like too.

Our research foundation is investigating the reason for a severe sickness, which we believe has an infectious etiology. The vast majority of folks reporting signs of what’s currently referred to as Morgellons Illness” reside within the U.S., however an growing number of people in Australia are contacting us with signs of this illness.

Michael did point out to me months in the past in a personal electronic mail that Smileykins and Tallcotton have been nothing to do with him in any respect. I consider him. I believe Smileykins and Tallcotton had been hired by someone else for some other purpose. They may very well be here for quite a few reasons. I’ve found them both to be good to me recently, but it surely was a real cat struggle at first. To be sincere I don’t let the reasoning behind why people come to this blog distract me from the reality. It did in the beginning, however not anymore.

The longer I hang around right here, perhaps folks will start to say the same about me, however the distinction with me is that I have Morgellons Disease and I know that is is actual. We love fashion, however we do not need our clothes to come at the price of folks or our planet.